By Marc Campos

Shelley’s $4 Million Special, One Too Many, ‘Roid Warriors

From this day forward Commentary decrees that the May 12 City of Houston Special Election will be forever referred to as Shelley’s $4 Million Special. Furthermore, Commentary will not stand idly and allow folks to call out The Dean for not supporting legislation to scuttle the special, errr Shelley’s $4 Million Special or Da Bell for coming out against the scuttle job, or the Chron E-Board for following Commentary’s early lead on this matter – period.

So when the City of Houston tells us later on this year that they don’t have enough buckos for our parks, immunization for kids, or inspectors to rouse the smoking violators – well, blame it on Shelley.

By the way, Saturday, May 12 is Yogi Berra’s 82nd birthday and the D-Backs visit the yard that evening.

So here in H-Town we have one Cinco De Mayo Parade, one Fiestas Patrias Parade, one Gay Pride Parade, one Veterans Day Parade, one St. Patty’s Day Parade, and one Rodeo Parade. So how come we have two Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parades on the same day, on the same route, at different times of the day though? It’s kind of silly. Cant’ they just do one mega parade? Can’t they get their act together? Props will go to the leader/group that gets all the folks/groups on the same page one day.

Tony knew. Commentary knew – sort of. Cal didn’t know – huh!

Mark McGwire ain’t going to the National Baseball Hall of Fame soon because he was a ‘Roid Warrior – errrr allegedly. So I guess Barry, Barry, Barry isn’t going either. Neither is Sammy Sosa or Rafael Palmero.

When asked about ‘roid use, Hall of Fame inductee Tony Gwynn said – “We all knew (steroids were being used). All you (media) knew. We knew, players knew, everybody knew, and we didn’t say anything about it.”

Well Tony, somebody forgot to tell your fellow Hall inductee, Cal Ripken, Jr.

Ripken said – “I can tell you I didn’t know.”

Hmmmm, let’s see now. Rafael Palmero was Cal’s teammate in B-More from ’94-’98 and during that five year span, Rafael racked up 182 dingers. Like I said, somebody forgot to tell Cal.

One of the luckiest guys in the whole wide world passed yesterday – movie producer Carlo Ponti. He was married to Sophia Loren …..zizzle!

January 11, 2007, 9:00AM

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