By Marc Campos

Platter, Marlboros, Vince, Awards

"Why aren't these people sitting in a jail someplace? I'm not going to be satisfied until somebody's head is on a platter." Yikes!! Strong words from the Mayor Pro Tem about the folks that have been running the Houston Police Department's Crime Lab. Apparently, civil service rules have prevented HPD from firing folks that have screwed things up in the crime lab. Innocent people have probably been sent to jail and you can't even fire someone, don't sound fair to me. Hope the Mayor Pro Tem stays aggressive - I'd like to see a head on a platter.

The race for governor continues to get run in today's newspapers. That's a good thing. Lady Foghorn's TV commercials look like Bill White's 2003 commercials. Guv Dude's commercials look like he wants to sell me a pack of Marlboros. The Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA) endorsed Lady Foghorn - that's not a good thing. Let's hope rank and file TSTA members don't pay attention to their state officers.

Vince Young made an appearance at a Houston City Council meeting yesterday. Apparently, yesterday was "Vince Young Day." Young said that he would like to play in Houston. Enough said. The Texans need to end all the drama and say they will make Vince their pick.

"Crash" continues to rack up award nominations - add the Screen Actors Guild, Directors Guild of America, and Writers Guild of America as prestigious groups that also think it is very good movie. It deals with race and crime. Got to admit, I laughed at a Don Cheadle delivered line about cars parked on lawns.

January 11, 2006 9:00AM

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