By Marc Campos

Local GOP Problems

Here’s an easy prediction. Kelly Siegler won’t be the Harris County DA. I don’t even think she’ll be able to prosecute herself for hitting her husband upside the head like she said on the Channel 11 news yesterday. Of course, if a guy had said he would hit his wife upside the head all hell would break loose but that’s another debate. The hotshot assistant DA is going down with the ship. It looks like the first GOP DA candidate that asks for Chuck Rosenthal’s arse to be thrown in jail may be the GOP nominee.

Speaking of, thanks to the soon to be former Harris County DA, I learned a new term yesterday – it’s called “sharking.” It has something to do with going around and pulling down women’s blouses and catching the act on video. Now that’s sicko! What do you call it when you pull the “shones” down of the soon to be former Harris County DA? Payback? Justice?

You know what’s refreshing? Not having to put up with the macho BS swagger that used to be the hallmark of the local GOP. It looks like they can’t find their moral authority – that’s a real good thing! One thing is for sure, they can’t blame this screw-up on paperless folks – or can they?

You know, there is nothing wrong with having an emotional monumental moment. Speaking of, from the Who Gives a Rat’s Arse Department, John Kerry is endorsing Obama today.

The only former major league baseball player to have a cove named after him is 70 years young today. He had 521 career dingers and 1555 career RBIs. Happy Birthday Willie McCovey! I think it is time we name something around The Yard after Bagwell and B-G-O – good idea, don’t you think?

January 10, 2008 9:00AM

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