By Marc Campos

Scoreboard and Hall

Conventional post game analysis gives credit, errrr blame to the Dems that hung in there with Speaker Craddick. An equal amount of credit, errrr blame should go to the Rs that didn’t defect.

So now some Dem activists want to go Dem hunting next year. It’s open season on those Dems that supported Tom Craddick. I wonder which ones are actually vulnerable in their districts. Hey, that’s why we have elections and primaries.

I wonder who will be at the first Dem player/consultant/king maker meeting where it will be decided who will be on the 2008 Dem Primary hit parade list. I wonder if there will be folks of color involved. I wonder who will put together the invitation list. I wonder who will call the meeting. I wonder if the meeting will be held in Austin.

Yeah, I understand we have to go through these political gyrations, but maybe it’s time we start having a discussion about truly electing Texas House Speakers along political party lines. I mean, we’re heading toward getting a Dem majority in the Texas House – right? Then we won’t have to draw blood over which conservative Republican is best for Dems – huh!

Mark McGwire is not going to the Baseball Hall of Fame in the near future and we all know why. Cal Ripken, Jr. and Tony Gwynn made it. The Young Political Consultant That ….met Ripken back in 2004 – she’s got connections. Commentary thinks Orel Hershiser, Jim Rice, Rich Gossage and Bert Blyleven should be in the Hall.

Believe it or not, I just polished off two Cooperstown Cookie Company cookies that My Brown Eyed Girl picked up when she checked out her photo at the Hall. They are “classic baseball shortbread” ……mmmm.

January 10, 2007, 9:00AM

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