By Marc Campos

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Not even the all GOP Texas Court of Criminal Appeals was in the mood to help out The Hammer yesterday. Seems like The Hammer doesn't strike fear anymore. Look for more GOPers to distance themselves from this fella.

Props go to Cecile Richards for being named the next president of Planned Parenthood For America. The organization is in good hands.

Here's something scary. Commentary offices next to a grocery store parking lot. Last week, I found a shell casing from a .357 round. Yesterday, I found another .357 shell casing - not from the same manufacturer though. Wondering how they got there?

Every year Men's Fitness Magazine puts out its Fattest and Fittest Cities List. They get good run in the media. Last year, Houston was the fattest. This year, Houston dropped to number five. Chicago is this year's fattest followed by Vegas, LA, and Dallas. Baltimore is the fittest, followed by Honolulu, Virginia Beach, Tucson, and Milwaukee. Come on, Milwaukee? Looks like these Men's Fitness guys sit in their conference room and throw darts at a wall map of the USA to make their choices. Milwaukee known for beer and brats is the fifth fittest city in America - sure.

Last week, I was watching the meeting of the Houston City Council. One of the new council members spoke out on the issue of tagging - those folks that go out and spray paint highway signs, buildings, etc.. Do these folks ever get caught? Hope the new council member makes this issue one of her priorities. This issue needs greater awareness.

What did I tell you about "Crash." "Crash" racked up two awards yesterday at the 11th Annual Critics' Choice Awards sponsored by the Broadcast Film Critics Association. "Crash" won for best acting ensemble and writing. Great flick.

January 10, 2006 9:00AM

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