By Marc Campos

Beltran, Tows, Moons, Black Democrats, and Girlie Shots

By Marc Campos

He is now a Met. Some are saying the season appears to be circling the drain. In the end, the Astros could not get him signed. The paper says it came down to a no-trade clause. The Astros said they ran out of time. Don't panic.

Give Astros credit for making a genuine offer to sign Carlos Beltran. It would be disingenuous as fans to write off the season before the first pitch has been thrown. Maybe guys like outfielder Jason Lane and second baseman Chris Burke will step up to the plate and exceed expectations. We have yet to see a healthy Andy Pettitte.

Mark your calendar. Thursday, July 28 at 7 p.m., the Mets and Beltran play the Astros at Minute Maid Park.

The freeway tow issue won't go away. According to Sunday's Chron, Houston has one of the toughest tow policies in the U.S.. Rice professor Bob Stein , who the Chron says helped design the policy, may have hurt the city's position when he says tow operators on the west side will make their money on referrals, while on the east side, they will make money from storage fees and reselling the vehicles because the owners will not be able to afford the fees. Ouch! Commentary has had a change of heart and now believes that the policy is unfair to lower income car owners.

As a form of protest, there is some talk about folks getting on the freeway, pulling off to the shoulder, wait for a tow truck to come, then starting up the car and driving off. The old fake them out move. In Saturday's Chron, four letters for and five against.

A big deal is being made on the sports talk shows this morning about the fake mooning by Minnesota Vikings' receiver Randy Moss. In yesterday's playoff game against the Packers in Green Bay, Moss caught a touchdown pass, then proceeded to act like he was pulling down his pants and mooning the Packer fans. The TV play by play announcer immediately called the act disgusting. After the game, studio analysts Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long jumped in and added their criticism.

Hey, chill out. He kept his pants on. America gets a kick out of watching guys violently rip each other apart. Yet, we want them to act like gentlemen after they score a touchdown. Hypocrisy. Get over it.

In the latest Houston Defender newspaper, there is an article on being a Black Democrat. Says defeated State Representative Ron Wilson: "the Democratic Party believes if you're a black or brown, you have to be a biopic, monolithic tool of the party, but if you are white, the rules are different." Commentary agrees with Wilson on this. Former Texas House Speaker Pete Laney, a Democrat, kissed W's behind big time when W was guv. Laney introduced W as the next prez after the supremes stole the 2000 election. Dems never criticized Laney. Hypocrisy II.

Back to the strip joint - house. Says Chron restaurant critic Alison Cook, a female, about the girlie photos at the Strip House restaurant: "Personally, I find them charming and rather quaint - almost innocent in this HBO age...".

Says Houston Press critic Robb Walsh, a male: "downtown steak house that is decorated with naughty pictures" and "obviously a male-oriented place".

The Texas legislative session begins tomorrow. It ought to be very entertaining.

January 10, 2005, 9:00AM

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