By Marc Campos

What Do We Know?

Punditry took a big hit last night! Well, so much for ďwe come to bury Hillary!Ē Except for The Gossips (George Strong), everyone including Commentary thought it was all over. There are even a couple of stories in todayís Chron that kind of jumped the gun. You know what? Hillary just might have proved last night that she would be great at the top of the ticket. She has a lot of her critics feasting on crow this morning. I think she has a lot more admirers in America today.

I really donít know if last nightís events will propel Hillary to the nomination, but if they do, I really donít want to hear Dems moan about how she will be a drag on the ticket, particularly here in Texas and Harris County. What do we know? Dems moaning about Hillary would be buying into that macho Texas BS. Heck, she proved all the pollsters wrong last night. Way to go Hillary!

FYI Ė I think I said Monday that Commentary and My Brown Eyed Girl thought Hillary won Saturday nightís debate and that Obama tried to look too presidential. What do we know?

Speaking of, letís just let the local GOPers go after each other. Iím talking about the continuing problemos of the current Harris County DA. The Chron has a very damaging story on the front page today. You have to think that local GOP leaders are aghast. Let them do the Demsí dirty work this morning. Heck, they have so many problemos that they canít even comment about Hillary.

Meanwhile, Spring Training starts next month!

January 9, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary