By Marc Campos

First Thongs, Brokeback Utah, Flicks, Something To Talk About, Run And Run Out

Looks like Helen Santos shops at Victoria's Secret. Thong action made its way into the presidential campaign. Boxers or briefs? Thongs or panties?

During last night's "West Wing" episode, my old friend Patricia from Corpus Christi opined about Matt and Helen Santos' pad - elegant staircase, nice yard. Patricia's point is well taken. Not a whole lot of neighborhoods in Houston's Hispanic congressional district that fit the bill - maybe, just maybe Precinct 218 - Idlywood or Country Club Place. Actually, it looked like Matt and Helen lived in West U or Southhampton. Hey, if you're the congressman, you are entitled to have the best pad in the district.

A movie theater owner in Utah decided at the last minute not to screen "Brokeback Mountain" this past weekend. The guy that owns the movie theater also owns the NBA's Utah Jazz. Before they were in Utah, the Jazz were in New Orleans - that's how they got the Jazz name. You don't actually think Utah inspires jazz? Hey, maybe he ought to change the name to the Utah Chickens.

Speaking of good movies, I succumbed and went to see "King Kong." Very entertaining. Kong taking on three T-Rexes at the same time while holding Ann Darrow in one hand was pretty cool. It was worth the three hours. Also rented "Crash" - excellent movie - don't be surprised if it racks up a few Academy Award nominations in acting, screenwriting, and editing.

Vince Young is going pro. Now we have something to talk about for a while. Local public opinion favors Vince over Reggie. The most knowledgeable NFL guy in town - the Chron's John McLain - thinks the Texans should pick Young. The Texans' front office - who really have never impressed us - get to make the final call. Yikes!!

Lady Foghorn continued to get good run this past weekend in newspapers across the state. As Dems, we need for her to get good run for awhile - keep her in the picture. Hey, maybe we ought to volunteer and help her get signatures on her petitions to make sure she gets on the ballot. Right before our eyes we are witnessing a guy go down - talking about The Hammer. This past Saturday he gave up his hope of getting the Majority Leader position. He was facing a thumbs down vote from his colleagues. It's payback time. The irony is he'd still be in power if he had not gotten greedy back in '02 and '03.

January 9, 2006 9:00AM

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