By Marc Campos

The Attack Of The Parking Gods

A while back Commentary thought the City of H-Town’s Parking Gods were going to make better sense of parking in Downtown H-Town. I WAS DEAD WRONG! According to today’s Chron, it turns out all they just want to do is stick it to us. H-Town has those new solar power parking meter gizmos that you can feed for an all day parking pass for six buckos but you have to move your car every two hours or else you will get a ticket that comes with a $25 fine. I find this kind of misleading. Folks think they can pay for an all day pass and park on the side of the street all day. Nobody really pays for the all day pass so they can move around town all day. They need to reconfigure the meter gizmos so all you can pay for is up to two hours and stop ripping us off.

The Parking Gods are also sticking it to those of us that go to The Yard. This season there will be about four or five weekday day games. There are a number of parking spaces along the street that are never used for anything else other than the ballgames – period. Now fans that park on the street are going to go to The Yard for a supposedly three to four hour ballpark experience and risk getting a $25 thank you for nothing note to the City of H-Town. Better yet, they can avoid parking on the side of the street and get ripped off by the shady parking lot owners by shelling out $15 to $20. The parking lot owners are certainly going to take advantage – they always do.

The Parking Gods were really looking to stick it to us at Saturday ballgames. The Parking Gods make you feed the meter Monday thru Saturday. Saturday’s games are usually giveaway days at The Yard and games start at 6 pm and the gates open at 4 pm. A lot of families show up to get their bobblehead or t-shirt for all the kids and get there around 3:15 or 3:30, park on the street, and stand in line. Now, in order to avoid a $25 fine to the City, they’ll have to park in a lot and shell out $15 to $20.

This is a classic case where a bureaucracy is out of touch with the people – in this case, those of us that go to The Yard. The Parking Gods probably don’t spend a lot of time at The Yard and when they do, they probably don’t have to worry about parking. Narrow vision bureaucracy prevailed over creative and thoughtful public policy. Way to go!

I think that is enough about The Yard!

January 8, 2009 9:00AM

Daily Commentary