By Marc Campos

Interests Are Always Special

The Austin American Statesman today says that an insurance lobbyist - former Bexar County Judge – former State Senator – former UT Regent – is on the new Texas House Speaker Transition team. The Statesman says that lobbyists – some that Commentary thinks a lot of – also helped launch the idea of the Straus Speakership, which proves that there will always be an interest in the Texas House Speaker and that interest will always be special.

Guv Dude’s reelection playbook is getting kind of thin. His plan to run a kazillion lane highway up the middle of the Lone Star State ran off the road and is in the ditch with just about everything else he’s mishandled. It looks like the only thing he has left to run is the old flea flicker, errr Anti-Choice license plates. He'll probably also stick an embryo symbol on there for added effect, errr votes.

Carol Alvarado (Houston), Diana Maldonado (Round Rock), Marisa Marquez (El Paso), and Tara Rios Ybarra (South Padre Island) will join the Texas House of Representatives next week. That now makes ten Latina members of the Texas House. Now that there isn’t much to say about the Texas House Speaker’s race, maybe we can get some pub on this item – cool.

41 said on TV this past weekend that he thinks Jebbie ought to run for Prez. 41 said Jebbie would be a great Prez. Commentary thinks 41 has been jumping out of too many planes.

Senator Feinstein (D-California) was miffed the other day because the Obama Transition Team forgot to tell her about the new CIA pick. He happens to be from her state and she happens to be the Chair of the Intelligence Committee. Commentary is not surprised that she broke rank yesterday and now says that the new Illinois Senate pick ought to be seated.

The American Campaign Skipper reported for duty yesterday at the Annise Parker for H-Town Mayor Campaign - cool. Let the games begin.

Katie Couric who don’t need touching up is 52 years young today. Happy Birthday Katie!

‘Stros 2008 first round draft pick Jason cASTRO, catcher, has been invited to Spring Training. Spring Training opens on February 14 – the same day the Houston Area Latino Summit is held at The Yard.

January 7, 2009 9:00AM

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