By Marc Campos

Do You Believe Him?

Thatís what Danteís Mom (My Goddaughter Rachel) asked me last night after the ď60 MinutesĒ interview. I replied that I found his performance believable. A lot of other folks didnít. Of course, it didnít help The Rocket that he shared prime time with a dictator and a murderer.

I sure would hate to be part of the Hillary Brain Trust this morning.

My Brown Eyed Girl and I actually thought Hillary won the debate Saturday night. I thought that Obama tried too hard to look presidential. He needs to continue looking like heís trying to become President. Edwards was disappointing.

For the past year weíve had a lot of discussion about the effect Hillary would have on down ballot races, particularly here in Texas and Harris County. I guess the discussion now turns to the Obama effect Ė interesting. Iím certain we will be getting a lot of takes on this subject. Iíve got my own that I will share once itís a done deal.

We went to see ďAtonementĒ this weekend. Itís a good flick Ė check it out.

Vince is 0-1 in the playoffs. The Texans are still waiting to get into the playoffs.

Katie Couric is 51 years young today. Happy Birthday Katie! Even on HDTV, Katie Couric donít need touching up.

The Rocket has his press conference this afternoon with a ton of press attending. Meanwhile, Iím sure a lot of out of town media folks will be shooting b-roll around The Yard today. I hope this Ďroid stuff goes away soon so we can concentrate fully on Opening Day at The Yard Ė Monday, April 7 versus the Cardinals!

January 7, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary