By Marc Campos

Happy Birthdays!!

By Marc Campos

NBC Today Show's Katie Couric is 48 today. There was an article in the Chron last week about the possibility of Couric being selected to serve as the next anchor of the CBS Evening News - Dan Rather is retiring in March. In the article, Couric muses something along the lines of why does the talk about Rather's replacement have to focus on white males.

Commentary thinks Couric would be an excellent choice for CBS.

If Elvis Presley were still alive, he would turn 70 years old tomorrow (Saturday). He would certainly be an old hound dog. Now don't be cruel about his age. Some folks actually subscribe to the conspiracy theory that Elvis is alive out there someplace, staying in a heartbreak hotel in the ghetto. These guys have some very suspicious minds. Frankly, these guys are all shook up.

Elvis, a lot of your fans still think of the wonder of you. They worry if you are lonesome tonight? They are still stuck on you. Happy birthday.

On HISD, the cheating probe widens. 23 schools will now be checked out. Give Abe credit for taking on this challenge.

Now to the gravy trainers. After the appeals court overturned the Andrea Yates murder conviction yesterday, husband Rusty hopped on the first plane to do a live interview on the Larry King Show. No doubt he will probably do some other East Coast national TV interviews. Why not? They fly him first class and let him stay at four star hotels - all expenses paid. Rusty has also filed for a divorce but that won't prevent him from riding the gravy train. To be fair, Rusty is not the first that has taken the train ride. He won't be the last either.

January 7, 2005, 9:00AM

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