By Marc Campos

What If?, Pat's Piehole, Dirty Money

In today's Chron, and in newspapers across the country, the number one sports story is about Vince Young and his upcoming decision on turning pro or staying at UT. Heck, it's on the front page of the Chron. If Young does turn pro, in today's Chron, one sports columnist says the Texans should take Reggie Bush, another says take Young. Wonder how David Carr feels?

David Carr was the first draft pick in Texans' history in 2002 and to date has not lived up to expectations. Shoot, Vince Young probably sold more T-Shirts yesterday than the entire Texans' organization has sold in the past four years. Young was also a guest of Jay Leno.

Both Young and Bush will take their NFL teams to the super bowl. David Carr will only go to a super bowl if he has Reggie Bush in his backfield. On the other hand, if Young does make himself available for the draft, how in the heck could you pass up on him.

Pat Robertson demonstrated again that he is the preacher of hate. His latest remarks regarding Israel's PM make rat s__t look appealing. Who likes this guy? You gotta wonder about folks that admire this creep.

Members of congress are returning - or actually giving to charity - the buckos that were donated to them by that Abramoff fella. What do they do - do they put out a press release announcing that they accepted money from the fella and are now giving it away? The question should be, how many members of congress are not sending his contributions to charity?

January 6, 2006 9:00AM

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