By Marc Campos

Over And Out

"These are the same people who signed pledge cards for Speaker Craddick. If they violated their pledge card once, they'll violate it again. There's no honor among them." Craddick ally Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, said this yesterday (todayís Austin American Statesman).

ďThe Republicans are the majority party and the Republicans should by virtue of the election, be in control of the House." John Smithee, R-Amarillo, said this (todayís Chron).

Smithee is the Hail Mary pass candidate of whatever remains of the Craddick loyalists. It is a little refreshing to see the GOP right wingers scramble.

How about all of the U.S. of A. shutting down at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time on January 20 so we can all watch the historic inauguration. How about it if employers all make arrangements to let their employees stop what they are working on and get them a TV or radio for just couple of hours. Canít we stop selling, serving, digging, paving Ė you get the picture Ė so everybody can watch or listen to history being made. While Iím at it, letís hope that all of the schools and universities have TVs and/or radios in classrooms.

One of the things that bugs Commentary a whole lot is when elected officials think us voters are a bunch of dumbarses. A San Antonio GOP State Senator wants to do away with straight ticket voting in the Lone Star State. He says straight ticket voting contributes to voters being uninformed. Yeah, well I wonder how many voters he talked to. That is a bad move for sure. You know there are some folks like Commentary that just prefer to vote the straight ticket every two years. If they got a D by their name, Iím going to vote for them over somebody who has an R, I, or L by their name Ė period! Straight ticket voting isnít mandatory here. It is an option. Some of us Dems want the option of straight ticket voting for Dem candidates.

I bet the Hillary diehards arenít feeling too sorry for Bill Richardson this morning. Iím betting that some are even chuckling.

Commentary is betting that U.S. Senate Dems arenít going to stand at the doorway and deny an African American from joining the club.

I dropped by The Yard yesterday to see the new Dem sheriff get sworn in but I couldnít find a St. Arnold anywhere.

January 5, 2009 9:00AM

Daily Commentary