By Marc Campos

A Fine Mess, Sweet Loretta, Terry

Personally, as a veteran Dem activist, I’d rather be led to the political promise land by Dem leaders, and certainly not by Laurel and Hardy, errr McCall (the Planofella) and Pitts. For the past couple of weeks, Democratic activists throughout the Lone Star State have been salivating at the thought of Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick being taken down. Now we have what you call a “reality check.” Beware of Dems pinning our hopes on Laurel and Hardy.

There is not a whole lot that the Stan and Ollie act have said lately that should give Dems hope.

Remember when a GOP Texas House member said that there would be 30 or so fellow GOPers standing behind Laurel and Hardy at yesterday’s press conference and that it was all over. Well, the GOP backdrop failed to materialize?

Then the Planofella’s spokesperson said yesterday to stick a fork in him – Speaker Craddick – that he was done. Then the Speaker trotted out three more names that support him.

The Laurel and Hardy act is now making a guarantee that the race is over even though neither one looks like look like Joe Namath.

They say they have a first and goal on the Speaker’s three yard line. Hey, the gridiron is awash in red zone failures.

Remember when the Planofella said he had the votes last week. Well, what happened to the votes?

Laurel and Hardy don’t want to show the names of supporters because they fear threats against their supporters. It sounds like they need to find another line of work like refereeing a bridge tournament or umpiring a Tee-ball league. This is freaking Texas politics!

No wonder nobody wants to come out publicly behind these guys. Nothing they have said so far is coming true.

Let’s try not to forget, that neither Stan nor Ollie would rate a blip on Dem issue scorecards. We wouldn’t bring them to the Labor Day picnics, the Row v Wade luncheon or the Pride Parade. It is difficult for me to accept Laurel and Hardy as our leaders.

You gotta continue to give props to the ‘Stros for getting ready for the upcoming season. The club signed veteran Mark Loretta, who happened to make the AL All Star squad last year. He’s a .299 career hitter. A couple of years ago he batted .335 and had 208 hits – not bad. Good job Drayton and Tim!

Happy Birthday today to my friend Terry Morales ….. she’s ……. well, never mind!

January 05, 2007, 9:00AM

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