By Marc Campos

The Game, An Idea

"Forever Young" seems to be the sports headline choice for newspapers across the state and country this morning. "Coming Up Roses" is the runner up. Maybe they should have called last weekend’s game in San Francisco the "Young Bowl." If Young decides to come out early and enter the NFL draft, would you want the Texans to draft him or Reggie Bush? After last night's spectacular performance, how could you not pick him?

Young is an HISD product - he went to Madison High School. He is a class act. Houstonians should be proud this morning.

Word is SoCal is still stunned. Heck, 12 points down with six minutes plus change to play, I thought the only way UT would win is if Young put on an "InVINCEible" performance. Hey, maybe that should have been the headline.

Now that we are in 2006, the political pundits are going to start talking about the key campaigns in America this year. Since this is a non-presidential year, the primary focus will be on gubernatorial or senate races. Commentary nominates DeLay-Lampson as the race to watch. I'd like for a journalist to cut one of those deals with the Delay campaign where they are allowed behind the scenes access to the campaign, but can't report anything until after it is over. I'd love to know how they are dealing with all the s__t that is flying all around them. Got to give it to the DeLay handlers, they are facing numerous challenges.

January 5, 2006 9:00AM

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