By Marc Campos

Vote Counting 101 and Football

The Planofella never had the votes in the race for Texas Speaker – period. It’s Simple Democracy 101 – if you have more votes than the other side, you win. Now they are running up Pork Chop Hill with Pitts while Speaker Craddick’s troops still say they have their machine gun nests in place, errr they still have the votes. Who are we to believe?

Commentary thinks what we are not seeing is the stuff under the radar – rabid GOP grass roots activists are probably calling their GOP State House members and making threats. Meanwhile, Dem activists are sitting back and watching this play out on in cyberspace munching on comfort food. Think about it – do you think any of the 17 Dems still hanging with Craddick have been getting heat from Dem activists in their districts. We’ll see.

Commentary is waiting to see if Dem State House leaders tell us this Pitts fella is a guy that will be “fair” like they said about the Planofella.

I’ll say it again. A media scorecard would certainly have cleared things up some.

I’m not going to say anything about The Vince being named the AP Offensive Rookie Player of the Year – period.

So after the Fiesta Bowl the other night, one of the Boise State star players did a TV interview while he had his arm around his girlfriend – she’s also the Boise Sate head cheerleader – Chrissy. After the interview, he plopped down on one knee and proposed ….. awww! It’s now one of the web’s current most watched videos. So I just had to go to the Boise State Cheerleader website and checked out Chrissy, Erin, Mindi, Krystle, Ashley, Kristin, Jenna, Annelise, Charyl, Liz, Nichole, Kerri, Sarah, Lindsey, Kaysha, Brenda, Sophie, Lisa and Troy – Troy! Troy, you very lucky boy!

January 04, 2007, 9:00AM

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