By Marc Campos

Astros, Major Defection, Cruel

The Astros signed free agent Preston Wilson yesterday. He hits with power, an RBI guy, and he plays the outfield. He also strikes out a lot. He's African American - we finally have an African American on the roster and in the starting line-up. It is about time.

Lady Foghorn continues to get some run today in newspapers across the state. What has not been printed is that there was a major defection from the State GOP. She holds one of the most powerful positions in state government and she defected. You have to consider it a blow to the State GOP. They actually lost a major statewide position.

Went to bed last night thinking the W.Va. miners had not made it. Picked up the paper this morning and read that 12 of 13 were alive. Turned on the TV and saw that only one had survived. I can't even imagine how the families feel.

January 4, 2006 9:00AM

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