By Marc Campos

New Year Stuff

Commentary went to the H-Town Mayor/Controller/City Council Swearing-In yesterday with Pam-In-Charge and Drayton and man was it cold out there. I’m talking about brrrrr cold. I don’t think they ought to be doing those things outdoors in January.

Later on yesterday morning at the first City Council meeting of the year there was a rebellion of sorts involving the position of Mayor Pro Tem. The supposed to be selection wasn’t the pick after all. To most observers Commentary talked to, the Mayor took a hit on his choice. It ought to certainly be an interesting two years at City Hall.

Then all the gang was there for the James and The Lovely Wendy reception – their families, Carol Alvarado, Jose Soto, Nikki Cooper, Bill and Melissa King, CM Lovell, Jose Medrano, Drayton, Pam, Marisa Lopez, Rosi Hernandez, Dos Centavos, Cristina Lafuente, Rachel Campos, Chris Bell, CM Melissa and Rick Noriega, Nef Partida, James Soria, Nick Hellyar, Jerry Greenspan, Gracie Garces, Michael Moore, Freddy Blanco, Richard Cortez, Gerard Torres and so on. It was a very nice gathering.

As expected, the Harris County DA threw in the towel. I don’t think he had any other choice. He got squeezed by his own Party. Something happened in the SD 6 race – I guess it won’t be that colorful after all – I think. Commentary is only involved in one Dem Primary race, so please don’t blame me for any other surprises that happened on the last day of filing. I will vote however for Jose Medrano in District 148 and ask all my neighbors and buddies to do the same.

Well, it will be a night of watching Iowa tonight and see who drops out of the race – then it’s on to New Hampshire, and South Carolina, and Nevada, and Florida!!!!!!

I saw some of the ‘Stros folks at The Yard yesterday. They are really excited about the new lineup – me too.

January 3, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary