By Marc Campos

Independence Day, Chron On Both Sides, Munich

The final day of filing produced a surprise - sort of - when Lady Foghorn said she was a GOPer running as an independent. She also said she is still in love with W. She singlehandedly altered the state's political landscape. The usual suspects are quoted in today's newspapers and they are all saying she's a goner. You know, for the past month we have all been hearing rumors that she was going to do something different and she did. She and her camp having been mulling about this for awhile. I don't think it would be smart to casually dismiss her effort. Maybe she knows something that we don't.

Foghorn has a ton of money in the bank, but can she continue to raise money? Folks usually give to candidates that belong to a party. Do the trial lawyers continue to support her with their megabucks?

She is gonna have to spend money to get folks to sign her petitions. A cottage industry of petition signing consultants will certainly spring up throughout the state that she will hire.

Does the Dem leadership wake up and realize now that maybe they do have a legitimate shot with a guy like Chris Bell? Will this move them to start getting organized?

The tragedy would be for the Dems to stay the business as usual course and watch Guv Dude and Lady Foghorn saturate the Spanish language airwaves with slick "I'm your amigo" ads.

To other matters, guess the Texans don't read the Chron editorial page. In Saturday's edition, the Chron had an editorial about the Texans and playing to win, meanwhile a couple of Chron sports page columnists thought it was in the best interest of the city if the team tanked. Guess the Chron was covering their bases. When it comes to NFL football matters, Commentary is going to listen to the sports guys, not the guys that interview candidates for office. Texans lost. It was actually a very entertaining game. I have to admit, it did seem kind of weird cheering and jumping up and down when the 'Niners intercepted a pass and ran it in for a TD. What about our steady kicker that missed a 31 yard field goal, ummmm, I wonder? At the end of the game the TV announcer said "this is the end of the Dom Capers era." He should have added "and the beginning of the Reggie Bush era."

If you get a chance, go see "Munich." It is one of the most powerful movies I have ever watched.

January 3, 2006 9:00AM

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