By Marc Campos

A Dirge Day, Mission Accomplished, Vote Count, Eggs Nogged, Bloody Bling Bang, 90 Days

Today we mourn. The mail won’t be delivered. I hear there’s not a lot of traffic on the streets.

Three thousand made in the US of A body bags later, he finally got his man. Don’t you kind of get the feeling that now he’s lost interest in what’s going on over there – kind of scary – yikes!

Now that the phone camera video is making the internet rounds, I hear they’re trying to lay a background soundtrack to make it more interesting. In the running – “Tom Dooley” of course, “Dang Me”, you know, ought to take a rope and ….. and “Swinging in the Rain” ……awwww!

In the race for Texas House Speaker, the three major candidates all say they have the votes to win, so somebody has got to be fibbing. I think one of our state’s newspapers ought to have on their website a scorecard of where members stand. Maybe that would shake things loose. I mean, what’s so difficult about that? Let’s eliminate the suspense and get this thing settled today.

From the Too Much Eggnog Dept: A couple got into a fight during the holidays and it kind of got out of hand, pardon the pun. In what police described as “a disturbing bloody scene,” a woman was charged with “malicious castration” – huh - as opposed to “unmalicious castration?”

Go see “Blood Diamond!” It’s a great flick. Don’t be surprised if Leonardo DiCaprio walks off with the Oscar for his bloody bling bang performance.

Now that the Texans’ season is over, wonder when they will say adios to their first ever draft choice? I hope the brain trust, errr drain trust over on Kirby Drive doesn’t try to tell us that the last two games were something special and, well, you know.

What the heck, three months from today it’s “play ball” at the yard against the Pirates!

January 02, 2007, 9:00AM

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