By Marc Campos

Lame Edorsements?

A couple of days ago the new group called Greater Harris County Democrats put out a mailer with their endorsements and a few Dem folks responded and put in their three cents worth. I’ve never been invited to a meeting of GHCD, if they do hold meetings. Yesterday I got a mailer from Forward Texas PAC which has their preferred local candidates – it sounds like another lame attempt at folks trying to tell us what to do. I don’t consider this legit either because the two “hottest” Latino political leaders (also my clients) Carol Alvarado and James Rodriguez aren’t included.

Houston’s KHOU-TV (Channel 11) has a Texas poll that has the race dead even but Obama leads in the early voting – huh? The Chron has a poll out today with a 6 to 7 point lead for Obama. We will see how polling in Texas with a record turnout, err turns out soon enough. Is anybody picking Hillary?

Based on the kind of voter calls we’ve been getting here this past week, I’m predicting that next Tuesday will be one of the most chaotic election days in recent years.

The Rodeo rolls into town today and it doesn’t look like Latino folks have time to boycott. Heck, they are all voting.

My God Daughter and niece, err Dante’s Mom, is 36 years young today. She’s a leap year baby. Happy Birthday Rachel! Rachel Campos is an Obama girl!

This evening Commentary will sneak over to The Yard to check out some College Classic action – Longhorns versus Volunteers!

February 29, 2008 9:00AM

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