By Marc Campos

Election Day Problems?

The Carol Alvarado Campaign is putting out the following statement later on today:

“Budget constraints have forced election officials to combine numerous voting locations for Tuesday’s Primary Election. There will be much confusion with individuals who will arrive to vote at their usual polling place, and find it has relocated.

What concerns us most is the voter who may show up to vote at around 6:30 p.m. to find his/her regular polling place is not holding an election. The Carol Alvarado Campaign expects to field numerous phone calls from frustrated or confused voters about this matter next Tuesday.

We ask that all local media outlets urge voters to go online at www.harrisvotes.com or call 713-755-6965 if they have questions about where they will vote next Tuesday. “

Speaking of, at the precinct conventions Tuesday evening, if some polling locations are combined precincts, like let’s say 3 precincts voting in one location, do they hold three different precinct conventions in the same room at the same time? Wow! I think it might be a little chaotic that evening – I think.

Carol Alvarado’s opponent says the reason he’s voted in the last four Republican primaries is because Monica Lewinsky made him do it. Oh Brother!

Super Duper Dem Delegate Bill Richardson says we have way too many Super Duper Dem Delegates. Commentary agrees.

My old boss, Governor Mark White, endorsed Obama. I’m glad he’s not a Super Duper Dem Delgate.

From the Former Young Gun the Anglo who is now working on his MBA and is interning down in Buenos Aires: “You should write a kudos on my behalf to Beverly Kaufman's office. I requested an absentee ballot last week and it only took them 4 business days to get one sent to Argentina and it came with pre-paid postage. I was pretty impressed, was really afraid I'd be shut out of this one.” John Jenkins is an Obama voter.

You know it’s a cwazy election when the Former Young Political Consultant …. and I didn’t go vote early together. Beth Arnold is also an Obama voter.

Texas Super Dem Delegates (revised endorsements):

1. DNC Boyd Richie - TX Chair
2. DNC Roy LaVerne Brooks - TX Vice Chair
3. DNC Hon. Yvonne Davis
4. DNC Hon. Al Edwards
5. DNC Norma Fisher Flores (Clinton)
6. DNC Jaime Gonzalez Jr.
7. DNC David Holmes(Clinton)
8. DNC John Patrick
9. DNC Betty Richie
10. DNC Bob Slagle (Clinton)
11. At Large DNC Sue Lovell (Clinton)
12. At Large DNC Senfronia Thompson (Obama)
13. At Large DNC Robert Martinez (Clinton)
14. At Large DNC Denise Johnson (Clinton)
15. At Large DNC Bob Strauss
16. At Large DNC David Hardt
17. Al Green (Obama)
18. Charlie Gonzalez (Obama)
19. Chet Edwards (Obama)
20. Ciro Rodriguez
21. Eddie Bernice Johnson (Obama)
22. Former Speaker Jim Wright (Clinton)
23. Gene Green (Clinton)
24. Henry Cuellar (Clinton)
25. Lloyd Doggett (Obama)
26. Nick Lampson
27. Ruben Hinojosa (Clinton)
28. Sheila Jackson Lee (Clinton)
29. Solomon Ortiz (Clinton)
30. Silvestre Reyes (Clinton)
31. Moses Mercado (Obama)
32. Linda Chavez-Thompson

The Rodeo is up and running and it don’t look too good for the local Latino boycott. No se puede!

Commentary will try to tune into the radio later on today to check out the ‘Stros first exhibition game – finally.

February 28, 2008 9:00AM

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