By Marc Campos

After NAFTA & This Ain’t Grapes

NAFTA seems to be getting a lot of run in Ohio but not in the Lone Star State. I wonder why? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that places like Laredo, McAllen and H-Town have benefited from NAFTA and trade with Mexico. When Hillary and Obama visit Texas, they always leave their NAFTA talking points in their briefcases. FYI – before Commentary became Commentary, Commentary worked for the government of Mexico on the NAFTA issue.

About the only thing of interest in last night’s debate was Hillary getting Obama to “reject” Farrakhan.

Commentary’s office has been getting a lot of phone calls from Latinos in English and in Espanol about where to go vote early. It’s cwazy!

There is a story in today’s SA Express News about possible overcrowding at some of the precinct conventions next Tuesday evening. It is going to happen for sure. Here in H-Town, I think election officials were a bit premature in combining some polling locations – yikes!

From today’s Chron - "They're (Latino leaders that call for an H-Town Rodeo boycott) completely out of line," said George Hernandez, a committee volunteer. "We're not chartered by the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to hear Tejano music. If they want their music heard, they should join a music association."

Some local (errr, sorta) Latino leaders are calling for a boycott of H-Town’s Rodeo because they say the Rodeo disses Tejano music. Good luck on trying to put an arse whupping on the Rodeo. How come one of the spokespersons of the Latino boycotters is Gonzalo the former Austin state senator?

A long time ago Latinos led the successful effort to boycott grapes. I don’t think they’ll fall on their swords for Tejano music. Hey, we’re in the middle of an exciting election in our community. We don’t have time for a steeeenking boycott!

The H-Town Rockets’ season is over – sorta. Yao’s out!

Well at least we got the ‘Stros who by the way see some action tomorrow against Cleveland.

February 27, 2008 9:00AM

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