By Marc Campos

GOP Know, School Pizza Prayer, Hollywood Fence

“If we have an unknown running against a known person, we may lose” says a Harris County GOP activist in today’s Chron in an article about which GOPer will replace soon to be gone Harris County Judge Robert Eckels. It looks like some GOPers know they could have major problems in Harris County next year. It’s time for local Dems to make their play – not just with “known” candidates – but with a major Latino voter participation effort. It’s a winning strategy!

Commentary’s parents went to check out the Virgin Mary on the pizza pan this weekend in House District 143. The image appeared on a pan at a Houston public school. School officials sent the pan home. I’m surprised the real far right hasn’t come out of their cave to complain about officials kicking the Virgin Mary out of a school. Then again, when has the far right ever given a rat’s arse about what goes on in schools with Latino kids?

Do GOPers watch the Academy Awards? I wonder what GOPers were thinking when former President Gore’s flick won the Oscar. I wonder what they thought about Ellen doing the hosting. I wonder if they would want their daughters to go out with Leo after he gave major props to Gore. I wonder if they liked Melissa Etheridge thanking her wife. I wonder if they liked the fact that Supporting Actor winner Alan Arkin played a grandpa with colorful language who liked porn and taught his 8 year old granddaughter a burlesque-type dance act. I wonder if they thought it was cool for Ennio to give his thanks in non-English. I wonder if they liked the fact that some Mexican films got awards. I wonder if they think Oscar is a four letter word. I wonder if they’ll propose to build a fence around Hollywood.

February 27, 2007, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary