By Marc Campos

Dancing With Latinos

This past weekend Chelsea Clinton spent time in H-Town’s Latino community. Tomorrow morning President Clinton will drop by Moody Park and the HCCS Southeast Campus, both in H-Town’s Latino community. Hillary’s campaign is definitely engaging H-Town’s Latino community. According to the William C. Velasquez Institute, Harris County has the largest number of Latino registered voters in the Lone Star State – over 300,000. It obviously doesn’t matter to the media talking heads and pundits since they are already starting to award the Lone Star State to Obama. Does anybody think Hillary can win Texas?

There is a story in today’s Chron about GOPers invading the Lone Star State’s Dem Primary to vote for Obama. Also in today’s Chron, my old pal Joseph Soliz says he might vote for Hillary during the day and show up at his precinct convention for Obama. Way to go Joseph! Now why din't I think of that?

The photo with Obama in Somali garb is getting a little run – what’s the big deal? Now if he shows up in a photo wearing White Sox gear, that’s another story.

The feds want to investigate The Rocket and ‘roid use. Hey, if the needle doesn’t fit, you must acquit!

Commentary will sneak off this weekend to The Yard and catch a little of the College Classic. I’m ready for Opening Day!

February 26, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary