By Marc Campos

Special Observations, O-Yes

First of all, let me say that Commentary supports and will vote for Melissa Noriega for City Council, At-Large in the Shelley $4 Million Special. I think it’s a good practice to support the best qualified candidate and an individual that would be a good member of City Council. Melissa is both.

Roy Morales is a GOP fella and is also running in the Shelley $4 Million Special. It looks like Morales is getting the support from a lot of the GOP activists. Morales ran for an At-Large position a couple of years ago. He was defeated by Peter Brown. Morales got about 31% of the total vote. He won the Latino vote – he was the only Latino in the race.

It looks like there will be single digit turnout rates in the May Shelley Special. Will the Anglo GOP boxes get excited about a Latino GOPer? Will Morales, the only Latino in the race, carry the Latino boxes against an Anglo woman married to a Latino elected official? In a single digit turnout election, the most informed voter participates, so that probably bodes well for Noriega among Latino voters – they know her, her record, and her hubby. I still wonder whether or not Anglo GOP voters will get off of their arses and turnout for a Latino GOPer. Stay tuned.

Last night’s Oscars were pretty good. Martin Scorsese finally got his props. You gotta wonder though – how come Lucas, Coppola and Spielberg all got to do the honors – did they know the results ahead of time?

Al Gore also finally got his props – a war and 3,100 body bags later. How about Gore/DeCaprio in ’08?

The Mexicans also got a lot of run last night. They even waved the red, white and green with the snake snatching up the bird.

“Pan’s Labyrinth” won Art Direction, Cinematography, and Make-up, but loses in the Foreign Language category – huh?

Melissa Etheridge thanked her wife – that was cool.

How about the silhouette dancers? How do they do that?

I guess all those spaghetti westerns paid off for Clint Eastwood. He did a pretty good job of letting us know what Ennio Morricone was saying. Let’s see, Clint can act, direct, produce, write, play the piano, score movie soundtracks, shoot bad guys, play golf, be a mayor, and speak Italian.

Did you notice the Latina contingent in attendance – Penelope, Cameron, J-Lo, and Barraza. That was also cool.

Others in the Were Looking Good Last Night Dept. – George Clooney, Jodie Foster, Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchett, Will and Jada Smith, and Beyonce.

From the Who Gives A Rat’s Ass Dept. – Duke Lacrosse is on again.

February 26, 2007, 9:00AM

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