By Marc Campos

It’s Hillary

From the Who Gives A Rat’s Arse What Commentary Thinks Dept: Commentary went to vote this past Saturday and cast his vote for Hillary. Rather than get into a lengthy and eloquent explanation on why I did, I’ll just say that I like them both. However, I do think that she’s the candidate that the GOPers fear the most. If this were the Olympics, she’s the one that I’d want to represent us in the Super Heavyweight Division.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing a woman run our country. After 200 plus years, the Oval Office could use a little bit of testosterone detox. Now I have to get off of my arse and start helping her out here locally.

When Commentary and My Brown Eyed Girl went to vote, I only took my TDL. After I voted I asked the election clerk what I needed to take to my precinct convention to prove I had voted in the Dem Primary. I may have well asked – “take me to your leader?’ The clerks all kind of bumbled away an explanation. I think maybe the Dem Party leaders need to better communicate this info with the election conductors.

Here is an interesting question – do folks know that they have to vote in the primary before they can attend their precinct convention? I wonder if some folks will go back to the early voting location thinking that that is where their precinct convention will be – particularly the first time voters. I think Commentary will be making a plea to the local news organizations asking them to explain on their lead stories this two timing vote system for Lone Star State Dems.

Speaking of, the precinct convention/caucus system is not that difficult to explain. It is just difficult to learn. Unless the major news organizations have folks at a few hundred precinct conventions throughout the state, there is no way they can accurately tell us the evening of March 4 who won the most of the 67 convention/caucus delegates.

By looking at the Early Vote location reports throughout the state, one thing is for sure, a lot of folks are voting. For pundits/consultants/experts to say that Obama or Clinton has the advantage based on Early Vote reports, well that is kind of ridiculous. Early Vote numbers are up every where. We’ve never seen this happen in Texas before. So how does one come up with an accurate analysis, errr guess.

There has been talk about the media being tougher on Hillary. It is interesting that yesterday none of the media talking heads mentioned their skewing by SNL on this subject Saturday night.

Chelsea Clinton’s birthday is in a couple of days and yesterday she was serenaded with “Las Mananitas” by a Mariachi Group at mass at an H-Town East End Church in Council District I. Now that is cool.

Speaking of, one of Commentary’s intern/volunteers, McLoving, has been driving Chelsea around the last few days here – now that is also cool.

Why in the heck do the networks give run to Nader – come on! We’re in one of the most exciting Dem Prez races in decades. We don’t want to see that a__hole!

Hey, Commentary said that “No Country For Old Men” was a great flick. Commentary also said good things about Javier Bardem and Tilda Swinton. It is interesting they let some soldiers in Iraq introduce some nominees but not the nominees on the Iraq war.

That was a good line from Jon Stewart about the Super Delegates picking the winners. It was also nice to see winner Diablo Cody, who wrote “Juno” come on stage wearing a dress she bought at Target. Helen Mirren looked spectacular – sizzle!

It looks like Tiger Woods was the only one to show up to play golf this weekend.

Brad Lidge – an ex-‘Stro - is having surgery on his knee and GM ED Wade is breathing a sigh of relief.

February 25, 2008 9:00AM

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