By Marc Campos

The Eighteenth In Play?

Commentary votes in the 18th Congressional District so I kind of think I know what I’m talking about when I say that I don’t know if Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s reelection in 2010 would be a slam dunk deal. Discussion of her reelection chances come up in conversations with African American, Latino, GLBT, and Anglo activists. Most would likely support a viable opponent in the 2010 Democratic Primary. There aren’t a whole lot of folks that are saying they would stand with Sheila next year. One that is willing is a long time state representative. The question is who is the viable opponent? This could well be the hottest local race of next year’s Dem Primary. Stay tuned!

The court appointed fella that is now running the Stanford mess wants all office holders, candidates and PACs to return Stanford political contributions so he can eventually return the money to ripped-off clients. Some have already given the money to various charities. Some are saying no way Jose. So should they go on ahead and keep, give to charity, or give back to Stanford?

The pro gambling folks are moving forward with legislation to allow for twelve casinos in the Lone Star State. Why only twelve? Why not let the market determine how many we should have instead of the legislature or the gambling special interests?

Remember when folks were saying that the 2008 presidential campaign was the longest. Well move over. It looks like GOP Prez wannabees are all posturing on the stimulus bill to get a leg up on 2012.

The Chron has a front page story today on the chances of some sort of cell phone ban while driving here in the Lone Star State. It is way overdue. I’d like to hear a response from legislators telling me why a ban of some sort is a bad idea.

Commentary checked out “A Class Apart” last night on PBS. It was very well done and informative. Way to go to Norma Cantu, Dr. Ramiro Casso, Benny Martinez, Michael Olivas, and Bob Sanchez, who were among the leaders/experts interviewed.

The PGA gets my attention again as Tiger gets back into action tomorrow. The ‘Stros also get back into action tomorrow versus the Nats. The College Classic returns to The Yard this Friday with the Aggies, Bears, Coogs, Owls, Bruins and Anteaters – Anteaters!

February 24, 2009 9:00AM

Daily Commentary