By Marc Campos

RePORTs, Ratings, Paucity Again, WBs, Rodeo Time

I don't know if the politicians have really thought through this port issue. I've read a couple of columns online today and they suggest that we (the USofA) are pi__ing off a lot of the world with this issue. National security has been the arena where W has been able to punk the Dems, now the Dems are out front on the port stuff, even the Rs are jumping on the bandwagon, but where is the debate heading? In a way it kind of feels like we're kicking folks around because they are, well, you know - the "A" word?

I think I have this Winter Olympic TV rating thing figured out. It's the internet. During the day when you are checking things out on the 'net, you run across the results. Heck, I knew Sasha had stumbled by late afternoon, so why watch when you already know what's going to happen?

Ran into the word "paucity" again - this time 1.6% of CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies are women - eight - pitiful. Wonder how many are African American or Latino?

I still have never figured out why they made them in the first place - wife_____r shirts - they're white and hideous looking. I don't think I have worn one in my life. Everybody calls them wife______rs - even women. So a clothing retail chain had a wife_____r sale and an uproar ensued. Guess you can call them wife______s but not advertise them. Why not just stop making them?

It's rodeo time in H-town again. I remember when I was in elementary school - a long, long, long time ago - they had "Go Texan Day" - where you wore your western gear to school - of course at Dear DeZavala Elementary, we wore our Charro gear - not really.

February 24, 2006 9:00AM

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