By Marc Campos


Mr. County Judge, would you please tear down that Dome! In Saturday’s Chron there was another story about the sorry state of the Astrodome. It turns out the Rodeo can’t use it for partying unless Harris County kicks in around $3 mil for repairs. The City of H-Town building inspectors won’t give the dome its good housekeeping seal of approval. Check it out. County Commissioner Steve Radack says that if the Dome was good enough for the H-Town Mayor’s Katrina guests, it ought to be good enough for Rodeo party folks.

According to recent surveys, local folks don’t want to see the Dome demolished. County officials don’t seem willing to kick in the bucks to keep it operating. Of course, operating for what – a place for the Rodeo folks to party? You can’t even use the Dome bathrooms. They have to haul in those porta cans – huh! Also of course, tearing down the Dome won’t be cheap either. The Dome debate just goes on and on and on.

Speaking of porta cans, the GOP Governor of Louisiana is being picky about the stimulus funds. You gotta be kidding.

There is a photo in the Chron’s Star section today that includes Commentary’s Dad (third from the left) from a long long time ago when my Dad was big in LULAC. Check it out. “A Class Apart” airs tonight at 8 pm on PBS. Way to go Tony Campos!

“Slumdog” kicked arse last night for sure. I like the way they presented the acting awards. How would you like to have Sophia Loren say something nice about you? Beyonce is one of the best in the business today. Three songs got nominated and the only good one won. The “Milk” writer was really good. Anne Hathaway was a real sport and she can also carry a tune. Sean Penn was Sean Penn which is always good and he gave props to Mickey Rourke. I thought Hugh Jackman did A-OK.

This Wednesday is the first Spring Training game and the GOP Governor of Florida will be there to throw out the first pitch which is a good thing because he doesn’t have a problem with the stimulus bill. He knows how to play ball.

February 23, 2009 9:00AM

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