By Marc Campos

A Challenge To Commentary

By Marc Campos

A young and respected political pro challenged Commentary's position on making federal election day a national holiday. The young pro said that the holiday would make more campaign workers available for Democrats on election day, i.e. students and others that get the day off. The pro pointed out that he has coordinated get-out-the-vote activities on the most common election days - Tuesday and Saturday, and found that it is a lot easier to line up workers for Saturday elections - a day when a lot of folks are not working. So noted.

From the "Did You Know Department". There are 17 radio stations in the Houston area that cater to Latino or Spanish language audiences. There are a total of 63 radio stations in the area. This is one area where Latinos are well represented.

From the Behavior Department. Houston City Hall will soon adopt a type of smoke free ordinance for restaurants. The Texas Legislature is looking at banning red light scofflaw detecting cameras. The Lege is also looking at requiring hands free cell phones for those that are operating a motor vehicle. How about a law requiring a restraining device for dogs in motor vehicles? Like a doggie seat belt. If adults and children have to wear seat belts, which by the way is a good thing, and if infants have to be in car seats that are strapped to the seat, why not dogs? What if a driver with a dog on board has to suddenly slam on the brakes. Poor doggie goes flying through the air and splats up against the dashboard or windshield. Isn't this considered cruelty to animals. OK, if this sounds like a ridiculous idea, so how about a compromise? No little dogs allowed on the lap of the driver. These drivers think it is cute to have little Poochie between them and the steering wheel. What if the driver has a fender bender and the air bag goes off - does Poochie now become a chest tattoo?

Martin Frost sells out. Give it to those activist Dems that were cracking on defeated Congressman Martin Frost during his flame out run for Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). They were right on target. According to media reports yesterday, Frost has signed on to do political commentary for Fox News. He went from promising Dems that he would lead them to the promise land to shilling for a pseudo news outfit that systematically rips Dems, their candidates and policies. To all those that supported Frost's DNC Chair campaign, your influence within the Dem Party needs to be questioned. Is he now known as Martin "The Sly Fox" Frost.

February 23, 2005, 9:00AM

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