By Marc Campos

Who Won? James Weighs In

Who Won? James Weighs In One of these days folks are going to come up with something novel and let us watch a major presidential debate and not tell what we just saw immediately after the debate. Commentary is going to hold off on who won last nightís debate until March 5. Speaking of March 5, Commentary is predicting that we will have one heckuva political hangover that morning.

H-Town Council Member James Rodriguez endorsed Hillary yesterday at the Chelsea Clinton event at San Jac College in Pasadena. Commentary went to the event. I tell you what - Chelsea Clinton is the smartest 27-year old Iíve ever met. She nailed the issues.

Last night Austin, San Antonio, Laredo and Brownsville got a mention. H-Town got left out Ė what else is new.

Commentary thinks that Hillary actually caught a break with this two week break before elections. It is called slowing down the mo. We will see.

Texas Super Dem Delegates (revised endorsements):

1. DNC Boyd Richie - TX Chair
2. DNC Roy LaVerne Brooks - TX Vice Chair
3. DNC Hon. Yvonne Davis
4. DNC Hon. Al Edwards
5. DNC Norma Fisher Flores (Clinton)
6. DNC Jaime Gonzalez Jr.
7. DNC David Holmes(Clinton)
8. DNC John Patrick
9. DNC Betty Richie
10. DNC Bob Slagle (Clinton)
11. At Large DNC Sue Lovell (Clinton)
12. At Large DNC Senfronia Thompson (Clinton)
13. At Large DNC Robert Martinez (Clinton)
14. At Large DNC Denise Johnson (Clinton)
15. At Large DNC Bob Strauss
16. At Large DNC David Hardt
17. Al Green (Obama)
18. Charlie Gonzalez (Obama)
19. Chet Edwards (Obama)
20. Ciro Rodriguez
21. Eddie Bernice Johnson (Obama)
22. Former Speaker Jim Wright (Clinton)
23. Gene Green (Clinton)
24. Henry Cuellar (Clinton)
25. Lloyd Doggett (Obama)
26. Nick Lampson
27. Ruben Hinojosa (Clinton)
28. Sheila Jackson Lee (Clinton)
29. Solomon Ortiz (Clinton)
30. Silvestre Reyes (Clinton)
31. Moses Mercado (Obama)
32. Linda Chavez-Thompson

The Academy Awards are Sunday and Iím betting Obama wonít win an Oscar. Iíd like to thank my agent, my director, my family, and for time in my adult life, Iím proud to be a member of the Academy.

It looks like the ĎStros are loaded with Latinos this season. Thatís a real good thing. Si se puede!

February 22, 2008 9:00AM

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