By Marc Campos

Still His Papi, Spoke Too Early, New Alliance

Shani didn't get the Gold Washer yesterday - he got the silver - he's still Chad's Daddy, though - Chad got the bronze. Talking about yesterday's 1500 meter speedskating for fellas in Torino. Alright guys, think about it, make the peace, then join together to do endorsements - think of the killing you guys could make - less filling, great taste - or how about one for Jockey - briefs or boxers?

Got a mail piece yesterday from the Chris Bell campaign - piece is called "Finally a Democrat with Guts." On one of the panels, Da Bell slaps Gammage around a little, but doesn't bring up Gammage's not so good votes on Choice - maybe they are saving that for a later piece.

The Texas Alliance For Change sent me a post card yesterday that make State Reps. Al Edwards and Sylvester Turner look like GOPers. Never heard of the group until yesterday. The return address of the group is located in Sugar Land, Texas. The Alliance calls themselves a "non-union/ independent organization." The card has photos of Edwards with DeLay, Speaker Craddick, and Judge Priscilla Owens. Turner is pictured with Guv Dude. Still can't figure out why I got the card? Maybe they wanted some Daily Commentary run - well you got it, now a dozen other folks know about the postcard.

February 22, 2006 9:00AM

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