By Marc Campos

Rodney Flattened Near Flatonia

By Marc Campos

State Senator Rodney Ellis was in a bicycle accident this past weekend and suffered a broken wrist. He also had a laceration that required five stitches. The accident occurred near Flatonia, a small Texas town located off of I-10 between Houston and San Antonio. Ellis was with a group of Houston cyclists training for the upcoming MS 150. Houston City Council Member Carol Alvarado was in the group and reportedly administered first aid to the Senator. No word yet on whether Ellis will go on the injured reserve list and miss the MS 150.

This past Sunday the Chron had a pretty lengthy article headlined - "In '95, (Hakeem) Olajuwon said America had 'no morals'". It is interesting that the article was buried on page A14. Commentary is certainly not saying that the Chron intentionally buried the piece, after all, the Chron did give good coverage to Olajuwon's mosque unwittingly making "donations to suspected terrorist groups" earlier in the week.

Sunday's Chron devoted most of the front page to a story on hurricane preparedness in the Houston-Galveston region. Props go to Kemah Mayor Bill King for pointing out that we don't have our act together when it comes to evacuation planning and routes. Last summer, Mayor King authored an Op-Ed that appeared in the Chron on the same subject.

The Sunday article points out that Texas does not have mandatory evacuations, a law that many local officials want to change.

Says King,"We are overdue for a bad hurricane. We've been dodging bullets here for a longtime. If we get one, it's going to be bad". Let's hope folks are paying attention to Mayor King on this one.

On a lighter note, Houston Comets coach Van Chancellor is a finalist for the Basketball Hall of Fame. Commentary does not have an opinion on whether or not Chancellor should be admitted to the Hall. Although it would be a shame if Chancellor makes it while the legendary Guy V. Lewis continues to be shut out. Chancellor, who also serves as a TV analyst for Houston Rockets games, has been getting mild criticism lately for his use of the dreaded word "irregardless". If Chancellor does get the Hall nod, bet on Sudie's to handle the catering at his celebration - fried catfish and champagne.

February 22, 2005, 9:00AM

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