By Marc Campos

No Mud, EV Time, Gone

The good thing about the Dem candidates running low budget campaigns (cause they are not raising a whole lot of money) - they are not able to trash their opponents via expensive TV and radio ads, and mail - not yet. The only trashing is by email missiles. Yesterday, the Gammage folks sent one out saying they are more liberal, errrr, progressive than Bell. So whoever wins, probably Bell, won't have a whole lot of dry mud on him going into the general election.

Early Voting starts today and I'm voting for Chris Bell and Ba Ba Ba Ba Babara Ann. I know Chris and Bob - they are both buddies, but I've seen Chris in action since he was elected to the Houston City Council, sometimes I've agreed with things he did, sometimes I didn't. I've worked with him and I've worked against him. I think he'd be our best in a Guv Dude - Lady Foghorn - Da Bell match-up.

Speaking of Early Voting, is the teacher group that is supporting Lady Foghorn urging its members to stay home and not vote in the primaries so they can sign Foghorn's petition? If so, won't that hurt the folks they are endorsing in the primaries?

Al Neri died this past weekend - whacked by a bus. Al Neri was by Michael Corleone's side in Godfathers I, II, III. His best scene - the final scene in Godfather One when he closes the door on Kay Adams Corleone. Richard Bright was his real name. Unless I'm wrong - Bright, Al Pacino, Talia Shire, and Diane Keaton were the only major actors to star in all three Godfathers. FYI: Sofia Coppola was also in all three, but only had a speaking role in the third.

Also FYI: Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez, the actor who died a couple of weeks ago (mentioned in Daily Commentary last week) was the uncle of former Dem District Judge Ruben Guerrero.

February 21, 2006 9:00AM

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