By Marc Campos

Outrage and Racial Sensitivities

From Chron.com: “AUSTIN — A lawmaker Thursday accused state transportation officials of irresponsibly rushing to allocate Texas’ share of stimulus funding for roads without proper legislative input.

“‘That’s been the trouble with TxDOT (the Texas Department of Transportation) for a long time now. They act like some fiefdom,’ said Rep. Jim Dunnam, a Waco Democrat who heads the state House committee keeping tabs on Texas’ stimulus funding. ‘There needs to be legislative input on this one-time, significant decision.’

“Texas Department of Transportation spokesman Chris Lippincott said the agency has been working with local transportation leaders and others since November to prepare for a stimulus package. Lippincott said the agency is talking with local, state and federal officials and still is developing a final list of projects to be funded.”

Don’t be surprised if most of the road projects and jobs are handed out in areas that are represented by GOP congressional members that voted against the Lone Star State getting the dough.

AG Eric Holder publicly said the other day that the country had been “cowardly” by not taking on race head on. A lot of folks of the non African American persuasion howled and said Holder was out of line thus making the AG’s point.

Meanwhile, a New York City newspaper published a cartoon with a dead chimpanzee linked to the writing of the stimulus bill. A lot of folks got upset but the newspaper stood behind and defended the cartoon. Today the newspaper changed its mind and issued a “cowardly” apology.

Also meanwhile, the local sports radio talk show station that Commentary listens too is getting a lot of laughs by replaying last week’s Tejada’s public apology. The replay pokes fun at Tejada’s accent – “I want to apolloyize to the fans….I want to apolloyize to the Houston Astros ….I want to apolloyize to Major League Baseball….I want to apolloyize to the United States…” To some Latinos it is probably as insensitive as heck, but I have to admit, it does crack me up.

Here’s what Numero 45 had to say yesterday: “During Spring Training, I’m usually one of the first ones to get here and one of the first ones to get my work in. I just made a mistake this year. But now that I’m here, I can see the guys all working together as a team. That’s what we need to do. We need to try to combine everything we have been working on and keep it together. If we can do that 70 percent of this season, we’ll be awesome.”

Hey, how come I didn’t hear an “apolloyize” from Numero 45!

February 20, 2009 9:00AM

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