By Marc Campos

Votes, Domes And Area 5, errr Area 51

A year ago, if Commentary had told you that on February 21, 2008, Chelsea Clinton would be campaigning in Pasadena, Texas, you would have probably thought that I was having St. Arnold’s for breakfast. Lone Star State Dems now get to decide the political future of Hillary Clinton. We will either say “you go girl” or “adios.” Tens of thousands of Lone Star State Dems have already spoken.

Early Vote Dem turnouts across the state are breaking all kinds of records. Commentary thinks that a few GOPers are invading our primary and they probably aren’t voting for Hillary.

Commentary still hasn’t picked a side in part because I want to continue to, well, to comment on the most exciting Dem Prez race in my lifetime. Commentary does think that the media, talking heads and pundits are a lot tougher on Hillary though.

Commentary found out yesterday that the Super Duper Dem Delegates from Florida and Michigan won’t get seated either. The way it looks now, there will be 366 empty chairs at the National Dem Convention in Denver – 210 Florida Dems and 156 Michigan Dems. Can Obama/Hillary get to 2,025 without the 366 delegates in play?

I was talking to a good friend yesterday about the Astrodome deal. I won’t mention his name other than to say he is a very powerful Dem. He agrees with Commentary that the Dome should be demolished. Yankee Stadium is probably the most well known and historic stadium in the galaxy and guess what – it has a meeting with the wrecking ball after this season.

We forget that the reason the Dome was built in the first place was for baseball and we haven’t played there in 8 freaking years. Even if they do a makeover of the Dome, it ain’t going to look like the Dome when it’s finished. In this instance, nostalgia needs to yield to sound public policy.

We have us a local, errr loco Dem group that needs to be put on probation. Area 5 Dems endorsed Carol Alvarado’s opponent despite the fact that the opponent has voted in the last 4 GOP primaries – huh! Carol Alvarado (Commentary’s client) has been campaigning for Dems her entire life. She’s traveled on her own dime to places like California, Colorado, Illinois, and New York campaigning for fellow Dems. Her opponent has been touting the likes of W, Guv Dude, and Big Dick Cheney, and DeLay. Area 5 Dems are a joke – period. According to the Campaign Skipper, they need to be shipped to Area 51.

Speaking of, Jerome got some run and his mug in today’s Chron in a story about young voters.

The ‘Stros had their first full squad workout yesterday – sorta. Hunter Pence had a smashing debut.

February 20, 2008 9:00AM

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