By Marc Campos

Arrogance, Baker's Dozen, Shani, May I Cut In, Buy An Ad, ChertOFF, I Said Gigolo!

Arrogance pure and simple. Talking about Houston METRO's leadership - the CEO, the Board Chair, the Board members. These fellas just forgot about the 2003 election and WHAT WE VOTED ON! Last year they dissed the East End voters, now they are sticking it to the voters along Richmond Avenue. How about putting the METRO leadership on a one way trip outtahere. Guys like the METRO bunch give legitimate public policy debate a bad rap - duh, why should folks trust "guvment."

13 - I counted them - Chron folks that showed up last Friday at the Editorial Board meeting with the Mayor Pro Tem - I was impressed. You can't say the Mayor Pro Tem isn't answering all the questions. In the middle of the meeting, they produced (as reported in Saturday's Chron) the January 10 bonus request memo. Aside from the obviously forged initials, if you look at the text of the memo you know that's not the way the Mayor Pro Tem communicates, yeah, but who pays attention to that. You can see a copy of the memo posted on our website later on this morning.

Saturday night after his 1000 meter speed skating gold medal win, Shani Davis gave an awful interview with the NBC reporter. Guess his handlers told him afterwards that his mega million endorsement potential might just skate away if he kept acting like a jerk. The next day dude was all smiles. Shani has a big showdown with the fella from Spring, Texas tomorrow night - another guy that has been acting like a jerk - I'm rooting for Shani.

In the ice dancing last night, after the Italian dancer dropped his partner, I actually felt like cutting in to help her out. While she glared at her partner that dropped her, she definitely was not humming "Save The Last Dance For Me."

Remember the preacher's wife that is having a birthday party with the invitation that directs you to ritzy places where you can buy her birthday gifts - the Chron and Press wrote her up? Well, the preacher purchased a 12 page insert (about his ministry) that was in a lot of Chron editions yesterday - maybe they'll stop writing about her in the Chron.

The betting line: once folks start thinking seriously about the 2006 general election, we think Homeland Security's Michael Chertoff will be long gone.

I meant gigolo - talking about the admitted male prostitute that is running for the Texas Legislature as a Dem up in Dallas. Maybe the reaction would have been a bit different if he has just clarified things.

February 20, 2006 9:00AM

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