By Marc Campos

No and Yes

It doesn’t look like the H-Town City Council will be adding two new council seats this year. I guess a deal isn’t a deal after all. Hey, redistricting can get pretty brutal – believe me. There aren’t that many of us redistricting survivors still hanging around in these parts. The will isn’t there on council and throughout the rest of the city. Adding two new seats would have basically meant taking out small chunks of the current nine districts. Personally, I would have been willing to move on it. I think CM Jolanda also would have and maybe CM Melissa. A whole lot of folks had to have been willing to buy in – they weren’t as of yesterday. Unless the courts make us do it – and that is maybe a faint possibility – we are going to have to do it after we get the 2010 census numbers so start thinking about it. Check out the Chron’s story.

Now for the good news – let’s not forget it was H-Town Council Member James Rodriguez that resurrected the additional council districts issue, as well as sounding the call for H-Town to start preparing for the 2010 Census. Well, the H-Town Mayor announced yesterday at the city council meeting that a Complete Census Count Committee would be created and that the Mayor would serve as Chair and CM Rodriguez would be the Vice-Chair. The Mayor said that a communitywide meeting would be called soon and resources would be found to help sustain the effort. It looks like H-Town is one of the first major cities in the U.S. of A. to launch a census grass roots awareness effort this early. H-Town is a city with a few potential undercount population groups. A whole lot of folks need to be engaged ASAP. The sooner we get started the better. Next time you see James give him a huge “way to go” thumbs up or pat him on the back for having the vision and getting folks off of their arses on this very important endeavor.

It looks like Guv Dude is back to reading Commentary. Dude changed his mind and has now asked The President for the stimulant money.

The local Latino Dem group’s H-Town City Council District H questionnaire asks if candidates ever voted as a GOPer. The local Stonewall Dem group’s questionnaire also asks a question about voting Dem. Obviously, voting history is relevant. Commentary’s candidate in District H, Yolanda Navarro Flores, is like Commentary, she votes all the time. Maverick also has a pretty good voting record. One of the candidates voted in the 2000 GOP Primary for the fella that just moved to Dallas. Another candidate just got around to voting in her first Dem Primary last March and probably needed help on voting on the e-slate gizmos. The last two candidates missed voting in one of the fiercest city elections in recent years – Brown versus Sanchez in 2001. Now how do you miss voting on this one?

The ‘Stros vs. Yankees 1:05 p.m. game on March 18 at Osceola County Stadium is standing room only. Maybe ‘Stros fans think they will get a glimpse of A-Roid. That’s not likely as vets rarely get on the bus for road games during spring training. Numero 45 reports to camp today and I hope Coop makes him run a few extra laps for showing up late.

April 6 (seis de abril) contra los Cubbies de Chicago at Minute Maid Park.

February 19, 2009 9:00AM

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