By Marc Campos


Guv Dude opposed the stimulus bill that became law yesterday. Heís not interested in taking the money. The Chair of the Lone Star State Senate Finance Committee says we ought to use some of the stimulus funds to repair Dudeís crib. Now that is what you call wacko public policy decision making. If state government is dumb enough to use money that Dude doesnít want to fix up his crib, then we at least ought to get a ďpretty pleaseĒ out of Dude.

It looks like Dude is playing 2010 GOP primary politics with much needed funds for much needed jobs. Dude needs to shut up and get out of the way.

Apparently, Little Dick Cheney didnít get everything he wanted after all. He tried in vain to get Scooter a full pardon, tsk, tsk, tsk. Iím betting ĎLil Dick even considered issuing one from his office.

Commentary forgot to mention that the McKinney and McKinney law firm also participated as a sponsor of the Houston Area Latino Summit.

Here is what the Big Puma had to say on his first day at spring training: ďIt definitely feels a little strange. Iím a senior citizen in the locker room. I mean, I donít have Brad [Ausmus] in here. I donít even have Jeff Bagwell or Craig Biggio. Iíve gone all the way back to Billy [Wagner] to Shane [Reynolds]. We have a completely different environment with a completely different team, so it can be a strange feeling. But itís a good feeling.Ē

ďIím proud that Iím going to be here in the long run. Itís something that I take pride in, and itís definitely something to be proud of . You donít see players stay in one place too much anymore. There is a lot of player movement, as evidenced by the fact that really Roy [Oswalt] and myself are the only two guys that have been here through a lot of different things. So weíre considered the Ďsenior citizensí now, and Iím happy to have my name connected with his name.Ē

Numero 45 is late to spring training. He said he marked the wrong date on the calendar. Oh brother. Por favor, I hope somebody reminds him that Opening Day is at 6 pm, Monday (Lunes), April 6 (seis de abril) contra los Cubbies de Chicago at Minute Maid Park.

February 18, 2009 9:00AM

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