By Marc Campos

Jolanda Loses Key Endorsement

By Marc Campos

She was the first female on the island and first woman to get the necklace. She won temporary immunity. She ate a grasshopper - protein. In the end, her fellow castaways/tribalmates gave her the boot. She is on the slow boat back to H'town.

Houston attorney and city council wannabee, Jolanda "Jo" Jones, was the third survivor cut during the series' season opener. Her 60 minutes of fame are up.

According to a Commentary staffer - "so much for 'Survivor' jump starting her political career". Did we just hear a Peter Brown sigh of relief?

Jo deserves her props for going on the show. She got a lot of run on the program last night. Her cut throat mates said she had a strong personality but blamed her for losing the first challenge. Looks like she was a threat to the rest of the tribe.

A who's who of Houston's political scene showed up at the not so 50 looking Sue Walden's birthday bash last night at the Downtown Hyatt. The GOP Sue attracts from both parties. Repubs like Beverly Kaufman and Denis Calabrese to Dems like Robert Jara and Debra Danburg. Also making an appearance - Chron editorial page writer Tim Fleck, convention honcho Jordy Tollett and lobbyist in the know Darryl Carter. Sue's birthday was actually on Feb. 14 - a Valentine's Day girl.

State Senator John Whitmire has an Op-Ed in today's Chron regarding Safe Clear. If you are interested in Whitmire's take, click here.

February 18, 2005, 9:00AM

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