By Marc Campos

Ice Smashers, VIP Treatment, Shots

My Buddy and I were checking out the Men's Figure Skating last night - the only guy that didn't fall down was the Russian - Plushenko, who ended up winning the gold washer. I told my buddy, once a guy skater falls/tumbles, they get psyched out and fall/stumble two, three and even five more times during their routine/performance. They don't mentally recover from the first fall. Last night was no exception - those guys were bouncing and sliding all over the ice. What's up with one of the Canadian skaters - who My Buddy called "Lord of the Ice" - dude was throwing in that Irish dance step that swept across America a few years ago - kind of looked weird on ice. How come none of the skaters use rap tunes as their performing music?

On one of the local news stations last night, there was a story that the Houston Police Department (HPD) was going to write up this weekend's possible NBA VIP arrests on a special NBA VIP form - huh? This don't smell good. Betcha nobody is going to say anything. You see, cities do anything to get a major sports event - even prostate themselves to the powerful professional sports commissioners - will it be Mayor Stern for the weekend? Odds are the NBA security guys threw in the NBA VIP arrest form suggestion and HPD bought into it. It also ought to tell you something that the NBA security guys know that some of NBA related folks that'll be in town are likely to be arrested - why plan for it?

OK - I'll say something. I've seen her take shots before. There have been some nasty and mean things said about her - untrue of course. She's been tested and knows how to weather the storms. I keep telling her that she will always be put up to a tougher/higher standard because of who she is - that's the business.

February 17, 2006 9:00AM

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