By Marc Campos

Statement, Sure Sammy, Rio Bravo

I won't talk about yesterday's happenings at city hall - you understand. See the Mayor Pro Tem's statement.

In sport sections across the nation today, Sammy Sosa has rejected an offer from the Washington Nationals, his agent says he is thinking about hanging up the cleats. Do you think Sammy Sosa will actually retire - year, sure? He's not gonna leave money on the table. He's twelve dingers away from 600 - he'll be back.

Actor Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez died last week - he was 80 years young. He starred in a number of films including the 1959 "Rio Bravo," one of Commentary's favorite westerns that also starred John Wayne, Dean Martin (Dude), Walter Brennan (Stumpy), Ricky Nelson (Colorado) , and Angie Dickinson (Feathers) - zizzle, zizzle, zizzle. Now that Pedro is gone, Angie Dickinson is the only one that is still around.

John T. Chance - one of the great film character names - was the name of the character played by The Duke. Pedro played Carlos.

February 16, 2006 9:00AM

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