By Marc Campos

Whitmire, White
Avoid OK Corral

By Marc Campos

Looks like the much anticipated showdown between State Senator John Whitmire and Houston Mayor Bill White has been avoided. The Mayor traveled to Austin yesterday and met with Whitmire on the City's Safe Clear freeway tow program. Something is going to be worked out. For those that love to watch demolition derbies - sorry. We will never know who had the Wyatt Earp role.

Meanwhile, the Texas House Urban Affairs Committee passed the anti red light camera bill yesterday. Houston State Reps. Kevin Bailey (Dem) and Martha Wong (Repub) voted for the bill and Houston State Rep. Alma Allen (Dem) voted against.

Props go to Houston Independent School District (HISD) Superintendent Abe Saavedra for admitting that HISD will face up to the problems that it has including chronic low performing schools and cheating on tests. Abe is likely to take some heat in dealing with these problems. One proposal that Abe floated yesterday at his State of the Schools speech was handing over the day to day management of three low performing high schools to non-profit or for-profit entities. Interesting.

Speaking of State of the Schools, how many state of the whatevers are there? State of the Union, State, City, County, even some county commissioners and city council members have them. How about state of the justice of the peace precincts?

Blast from the past. According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, the early 70s group Bloodrock will have a benefit reunion. They were one of those one hit wonder bands. Their hit - D.O.A.. The song is about a car crash victim. It is a pretty eerie tune. Commentary - before Commentary - and some of his buds actually drove out one night into the middle of a graveyard and listened to D.O.A.. Bloodrock disbanded or faded after two or three years.

Today is the last day to nominate folks for Discovery's 100 Greatest Americans. To Hispanics out there, don't sit around and wait until we get dissed again, log on and nominate Cesar Chavez. Go to www.discovery.com right now. The results will be announced in June.

February 15, 2005, 9:00AM

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