By Marc Campos

Cold Voters, Reverend’s Trouper

Most members of the Texas Lege don’t read Commentary – that’s cool. Apparently Rs and Ds are working to move the Texas Primaries to Feb. 5 in 2008 – next year. They want to make Texas a bigger player in Prez politics. I really don’t think it will make us that much more important in the process. You see, New Hampshire and Iowa will likely move their dance parties up to maybe December or the first week in January.

Let’s not forget, that by moving the Prez primaries to February, we’ll have to drag all the rest of the party primary races up like for judgeships, commissioner, county clerks, sheriffs, state legislators – you get the picture. Again, what happens if we get some snow flurries like we’re getting in North Texas right now? What will that do for voter participation?

I recognize the noble thinking that goes into wanting the Lone Star State to be a bigger player, but maybe we ought to have a system where we divvy the country up into four regions – East Coast, Midwest, South and West – and have four primary election days – in the Spring – and rotate among the regions, kind of like the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). One year the East Coast goes first, then followed by the Midwest, etc..

Like the BCS, it wouldn’t be perfect, but it beats asking folks to come out to vote and go to a precinct convention in freezing weather. They’re used to that in Iowa and New Hampshire, but not in H-Town.

Props go to H-Town Reverend Bill Lawson’s grandkid – Robyn Troup – for going mano-a-mano with Justin Timberlake at the Emmys Sunday night. She was outstanding!

February 15, 2007, 9:00AM

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