By Marc Campos

Sesquicentennial, W For Ds, Not So Funny, The Pen, The Other, There Is A Cupid

Sesquicentennial - ever heard of the word? Back in 1986, the great state of Texas celebrated its 150th (sesquicentennial) birthday - born in 1836. Celebrations were held throughout the state. Heck, even Prince Charles showed up and help cut the birthday cake using a big sword. Didn't hear Latino, errrr, Mexican American groups complaining about celebrating being born in 1836. The new Major League Soccer franchise in Houston is punting away the team name "1836 - apparently, local Mexican Americans are offended by the name - according to today's Chron. Commentary isn't/wasn't offended. In fact, I would suspect that a whole lot of Mexican/Mexican Americans probably weren't even aware that Texas and Houston were born in 1836, and that we at one time were part of Mexico. Maybe they could have used the "1836" to educate our folks about our history. I wonder how many of the complainers know about Fannin, Goliad, Travis, Bowie, De Zavala, Seguin, Crockett, and Deaf Smith.

I must have missed something, I never heard any complaints from fellow Mexican Americans about the "1836" team name. How come we (Mexican Americans) don't complain about being called the city of "Houston" - Sam "Houston" led the forces that kicked Mexican a__? How come we don't boycott going to the San Jacinto Battleground - that's where Sam Houston kicked Mexican a__? How come we don't drive around with our car headlights turned on on March 2 and April 21 - Texas Independence Day and San Jacinto Day - to protest Mexican a__ being kicked? And how come a white dude has to go to LA to tell the soccer team owner that local Mexican Americans are pi__ed off?

Props to Travis County Dems for chalking up a W last night - a sign of things to come?

The fella that Buckshot Dick bagged had a "mild" heart attack yesterday. It is kind of not so funny now. When he got sprayed last Saturday and went down, wonder if the dogs (Retrievers?) ran over and tried to drag his a__ over to the VP?

My Buddy gave me a fancy card holder and pen last night - cool - will try to hang on to them - when I pull out the pen, folks are going to say - "uuuuuuuuu."

There is a mention in today's Chron food section about wine bottle labels. My Buddy and Commentary's trusted young political consultant are sometimes influenced by labels - we saw one the other day at Spec's - the label had a nude silhouette of a woman. The wine is called "The Other" - around 9 1/2 bucks - it is a red blend, try it.

Got a voice mail last night from a Young Gun, he sounded like he was in a good mood. Talked to him this morning - guess what, he got engaged last night - man, how they grow up. Congrats to him and his W.

February 15, 2006 9:00AM

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