By Marc Campos

We're Red Too, Howard!

By Marc Campos

The brand new Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Howard Dean, says he will be spending a lot of time early on in red states - the south and the west. Mr. Chairman, when you come to Texas, you need to talk about putting together a plan that involves registering more Hispanic voters.

Commentary was not overly impressed with the transition team members that the DNC Chair announced yesterday. There does not appear to be anyone with Texas experience among the bunch. It is only Day 3 of the Dean era, so Commentary will not pile on.

On today's state legislative agenda in Austin, State Senator John Whitmire's Make Safe Clear Roadkill Act is scheduled to be debated and passed on the Senate floor. I'm sure Whitmire's detractors - and there are a few - will be distributing copies (all 862 words) of the Chron's scorching editorial on Whitmire that was published this past Saturday.

In the Texas House, the Urban Affairs Committee will conduct a hearing on the anti red light camera bill. It's time for the city's high priced lobby team to pull something out of their bag of tricks and redeem themselves today. They are not getting paid to get run over by a steamroller.

February 15, 2005, 9:00AM

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