By Marc Campos

Lone Star State Tactics

Since the Latino vote in the Lone Star State is getting a lot of run, maybe the Hillary campaign should have a Latino in charge of the state. They don’t. Having has the same old faces in charge could be a tactical error in light of the fact that the face of the Dem Party seems to be changing with this election. I don’t know if the same old faces know about the growing Latino vote in the H-Town area.

Props go to the Obama campaign for having a Latino in charge of their effort in the Lone Star State.

I don’t know which candidate will be the first to drop into H-Town’s Latino community, but whoever does will have the edge in winning our vote.

Speaking of old faces, Commentary got a robo call last night from Super Duper Dem Delegate Bob Slagle – for Hillary of course. I guess their target call list was us old timers.

Commentary still hasn’t picked a candidate but a lot of my friends are siding with Obama – yikes!

Quien es mas macho? Henry Waxman or The Rocket? Who cares!

Major League Baseball won’t celebrate St. Valentine’s Day today. All the ‘roid use did a lot of heart damage …….awwww!

The ‘Stros kick-off Spring Training today. Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2008 9:00AM

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