By Marc Campos

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Come on Guv Dude! You are the freaking Guv of the Lone Star State. You ought to be able to get you kid a job just about anywhere in the state. Why does he have to end up working at an outfit that might be involved in selling the lotto? Bad move Dude!

Commentary’s OK with the $5 fee on T-Bar goers that the Dist 134 Rep has proposed. I don’t go to those venues. If I’m gonna spend $7 for a brewskie, I’d rather buy it at the yard. I’d rather watch Scrap Iron in hassles, than girls with them tassels…..awwww!

Props go to Bank of America for their new plastic card program that might attract paperless folks. If Lou Dobblehead has a problem with it, it must have merit.

Speaking of folks that want to be citizens, last week Albert Pujols of the Cards became a US of A citizen. Congrats to Albert. One of the citizenship questions they asked Albert was to name the starting lineup of the New York Yankees in Game 7 of the 1960 World Serious versus the Pirates. Albert aced the question – Richardson, Kubek, Maris, Mantle, Berra, Skowron, Blanchard, Boyer, and Turley. Game 7 is probably the most exciting in World Serious history. The ’60 Yankees are probably the best team in a Serious not to win the Serious. Not really, they didn’t ask the question.

The Chron has a story on some NFL teams wanting the Texans’ QB. Do the deal, please! Let’s move on. Even if it’s a bad deal, do it!

Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day. The restaurants are booked solid. Chocolate is flying off the shelves. “Casablanca” is all rented out. If she likes red wine, a nice bottle of ZD for about $50 or Rubicon for $100 will do the trick. If she doesn’t like red wine or doesn’t drink at all and you do – get it.

One year ago tonight The Young Gun proposed to the Lovely Wendy……she said yes.....sweet!

February 14, 2007, 9:00AM

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